Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia

Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia

Here’s another review of this short and engaging book, this time from Ms. Goldstein-Erickson.

Although Trina, Leticia and Dominique all go to the same high school, they only know of each other, but are not at all in the same groups. When Trina walks between Dominique and her friends, Dominique feels Trina has violated her personal space. She slams her fist into her hand, signaling her intention to beat up Trina after school. Leticia just happens to be at the top of the stairs at that moment, and realizes what could happen. Each of the three girls tells what’s happening to her as the day goes on, all the way to the end of the day, when Trina walks out of school where Dominique is waiting for her. I felt like I knew each of the girls through reading her thoughts, and understood each of them well. This book is a fast read and I found it really engrossing. Even though it’s told by girls, I think boys will like it too. The drama that goes on at their school could happen at any high school.

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