The Long Walk by Stephen King

The Long Walk by Stephen King

This book tells the story of what happens to Ray Garraty when he volunteers and is selected the the Long Walk, which takes place each May 1.  In this national sport in the United States of the near future, one hundred teenaged boys walk at at least four miles per hour until the only one left standing is declared the winner.  As they stop, collapse or drop below the minimum speed, they get three warnings then are shot dead through the head by the soldiers who ride along near them in all-terrain vehicles.  Naturally the event is televised, and crowds line the road when the walkers are near towns and cities.

Writing as Richard Bachman, Stephen King feels a lot darker and more bleak as a writer.  The repetitiveness of the walking and the jibes between the contestants became a little slow for me a s a reader, but the book was voted as one of the favorite teen novels by the American Library Association published between 1966 and 2000.  I recommend this to horror buffs and Stephen King fans.

Here’s a fan-made book trailer you can watch from home:


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