Trapped by Michael Northrop

Trapped by Michael Northrop

When the snow starts in the morning at the beginning of second period, Scotty Weems doesn’t think much about it. He’s more concerned with the opening home game of basketball season that night, since he’s a sophomore on varsity.  By third period, when the snow is getting heavier, students and teachers start paying more attention. Scotty’s best friend Pete is hoping for early dismissal because of the storm, but their friend Jason asks them to stay after school to help with his go-kart shop project, saying his father will pick them up. Even after early dismissal is announced, they decide to stay, since they’ll have the shop to themselves to work on the cart.  When Les Goddard, known as a thug and psycho, finds them in the shop, they all go to the hall where the only teacher is waiting with the seven students who are still there. No one’s cell phones and the only pay phone won’t work because of the storm, so they wait and watch the storm cover everything, including the roads. After the teacher goes for help, the seven students are left alone. Just when they think it won’t get worse, the power goes off.  As they try to work together to stay warm, they keep hoping someone will come. By the second day, with the storm still going, they realize they’re on their own. Scotty narrates how they try to find food and organize themselves, even as there’s no sign of any help coming.

Scotty narrates the details of their urgent situation, even as they try to stay hopeful in the face of serious and dangerous conditions.

Review by Ms. Goldstein-Erickson

Here’s a student-created video you can watch from school or home:


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