Ashes by Ilsa J. Blick

This gripping book will not allow you to set it down.  Really.  While trying to  run away from her incurable brain cancer, seventeen-year-old Alex survives a series of electromagnetic pulses that end up killing off most of humanity.  She’s gone off into a national park alone to spread the ashes of her dead parents, and try to make some sort of peace with herself about dying.  She ends up with two traveling companions who are also alone from different circumstances–a bratty eight-year-old girl called Ellie and a young soldier named Tom.  This makeshift family will have to face the “changed,” humans left alive after the Pulse but who have been transformed into flesh-eating zombies.

This was an amazing book.  It’s action-packed plot will keep readers up late at night trying to find out what happens next.  Bick ‘s twist on the usual zombie story makes the story unusual, but similar enough to other apocalyptic stories like The Walking Dead  and  Forest of Hands and Teeth to easily please horror fans.  I recommend this to readers looking for an exciting thriller, zombie fans and horror fans.

Here’s a fan-made video trailer you can watch from home:


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