Legend by Marie Lu

Legend by Marie Lu

This is another new dystopian novel that’s getting lots of positive buzz from both readers and librarians.  Told in alternating voices, this book describe a frightening future United States that has been ripped apart and at war with itself.  The western part is the Republic and is a totalitarian government ruled with an iron fist by Primo ______.  June Iparis lives here and is part of the elite, born into wealth and now a military prodigy.  Day also lives in the Republic, but is its most wanted criminal for his numerous acts of anti-government terrorism, that interestingly enough have never killed a single person.  While trying to escape from his most recent escade, Day is nearly captured by a young captain named Metias.  They both shoot, wounding each other but that gives Day the chance to make his escape.   When it comes to light that June’s brother Metias has been killed, not just injured, she is put on the team as someone with “fresh eyes” to try to catch Day, who has been eluding the army for years.  What follows is non-stop action, as June fights for revenge against her brother’s murder and Day uses all the resources he can muster just to stay alive.  The plot is full of twists, and will keep readers wanting more.

The parallel perspectives from both Day and June really let the readers see into the minds of both characters and become invested in their futures.  The fact that June’s entries are more like straight-forward reports while Day’s read more like a personal journal really adds to the novelI highly recommend this title, Lu’s debut novel, to dystopia and science fiction fans, and anyone looking for a fast and engaging read.

Here’s a book trailer you can watch from home:


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