Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Lena will turn eighteen in 95 days, and undergo the procedure that her dystopian world feels will cure the most dangerous disease: amor deliria nervosa, or love as we commonly call it. According to the government this disease creates all types of problems in humans:  anxiety, depression, insomnia, uncertainty and all types of dangerous, strong feelings. The leaders believe the surgery will create societal harmony, and matches up the teenagers with their future spouses shortly after the procedure.  Lena is anxiously looking forward to “being cured,” as her mother went through the surgery three time without any success, and finally killed herself.  Lena and her sister have had to live with this legacy, and she can’t wait to become normal and settle into her adult life.

As she’s preparing to finish high school, she accidentally meets Alex, who it turns out lives outside the cities electrified fence and is “uncured.”  Through her friendship and developing illegal romance with him, Lena begins to question the government she has always believed in and even visits the Wilds with Alex outside the fence.

Oliver, who wrote last year’s amazing book Before I Fall, does an fabulous job bringing readers into Lena’s mind as she falls in love, wrests with how the ideology of the government fits inwith what she’s learning with Alex, and makes decisions about her own future.  I recommend this title to fans of her first book, dystopian fans, science fiction fans, and even romance fans.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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