Hold Me Closer Necromancer by Lish McBride

Hold Me Closer Necromancer by Lish McBride

What I loved about this title is that it’s a book about demons, werewolves, etc. that doesn’t take itself too seriously. In fact, at times it downright funny! Sam flips burgers at Plumpy’s with his best friend Ramon, the new kid Frank and a hottie named Brooke. A college drop out, Sam’s a little frustrated with life, but can at least afford his own tiny apartment, even though his financial aid got cut off when he left school. Big changes happen for him and his friends when they’re playing an innocent hockey game on their break in the burger joint’s parking lot. They smash the taillight of a classic Mercedes, and when the driver returns, Sam realizes rather quickly that he is in for some serious trouble. Before the night is over, he’s had himself beat-up so badly he should have been put in the hospital, and discovered that the reason he’s never quite fit in is that he’s a Necromancer: he can raise the dead. That’s what the “crazy classic shiny car guy” was referring to with all those bizarre questions at Plumpy’s. Douglas Montgomery is evidently an extremely powerful necromancer, and is giving Sam a week to decide if the teenager wants to join him or be killed.

Before the week is even up, Sam finds himself kidnapped and imprisoned in a cell with the most beautiful girl (or perhaps a werewolf…) he has ever seen.  He, his family, the gorgeous Tia and her “pack,” and and his group of ragtag friends have to figure out how to escape, before Douglas runs out of patience and does away with both of the kids.

I enjoyed this book.  Sherman Alexie (The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian) called it a SCARY funny for OR a FUNNY scary book and I completely agree.  I would encourage readers looking for something light or humorous to give this title a shot.

Here’s a video book trailer you can watch from home:


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