Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson

Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson

This fast-paced action novel was originally written for an adult audience, but is the perfect Young Adult story.  It starts the reader off a year before the robot wars, what author Wilson calls the Zero Hour.  Basically this is the story of an artificial intelligence named Archos rebelling  and killing its creator Dr. Nicholas Wasserman.  Eventually Archos assumes control of all robotic intelligence, and directs them to kill all humans.  What we end up with is a bloody war, with cars running people over in the streets, robot servants ruthlessly  killing their owners, and the robots becoming “smarter” and developing new and more efficient machines to destroy their human enemies.

Something I especially liked about this book was its documentary style of storytelling.  The author narrates the action through the perspective of various characters, each with a different background and role to play in the continuing war.  Comac Wallace, originally a civilian but now the leader of the fearless Bright Boy squad, relates the story from the beginning, which is really the end of the war told as a sort of prologue to the action.  His authoritative voice leads the readers through the spell-binding story.  My other favorite narrator was the ten-year-old  Matilda Perez, a congresswoman’s daughter who realizes something is wrong when her Baby-Comes- Alive doll wakes up in her toy box and tries to convince the girl to get her mother to come home for the weekend instead of helping implement the robot defense act.

I highly recommend this title to readers looking for an engaging action story, science fiction fans, readers who liked the zombie book World War Z, and readers who enjoy losing themselves in a great story.


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