Graveminder by Melissa Marr

Graveminder by Melissa Marr

Although Marr is known by teens for her Wicked Lovely books, I promise that her adult title will not disappoint fans and will probably even garner her some new ones.  When main character Rebekkah Barrow is called and informed that her beloved grandmother has died, she rushes back to Claysville, a small town she left ten years earlier.  Even though she has never really felt content anywhere else, she can’t bear being around her former love in her hometown, Byron Montgomery.  Bek quickly finds out that she has inherited the position of “Graveminder” from her grandmother Maylene, and it is her job to keep the dead in their graves, along with the “Undertaker’s” (Byron’s) help.  In addition to this shock, she finds she’s been thrown in the middle of chaos, and realizes that Maylene was actually murdered by one of the Hungry Dead that had escaped her grave.  The complications don’t stop there: there is a jealous aunt who believes she should be the powerful graveminder, a dangerous ruler of the Land of the Undead named Charles, and a number of other family secrets.

I found this book captivating and had a hard time putting it down.  I loved that the characters were fleshed out and felt real, even when they were involved in other worldly situations.  Not all the questions were answered at the end of the book, and this is one time when I’m really hoping for a sequel.


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