The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

This inventive story turns the usual vampire tale on its head, by making the vampires the dominant species, with the main character Gene being the last human being living  among them in disguise.  He spends each day carefully hiding who he really is, knowing that if his classmates find out that he’s really a heper (human), they will attack and devour him with merciless abandon.  He is nearly at his wits end when he is selected by a lottery to be a hunter in the final Heper Hunt, a huge media event whose real agenda is to bolster the Ruler’s popularity.  Although Gene has a plan for avoiding the hunt and being discovered, the situation gets out of control quickly as the hunting trainers keep changing the rules and his school friend and secret crush Ashley June tries to get him to ally with her in the hunt.  The situation gets even worse when he meets the hepers they are supposed to hunt, and finds out that they aren’t mindless animals like everyone’s been led to believe, but thinking individuals who are just trying to survive.

While probably not destined to be a classic, this is a fun book with dark, frightening vampires, just the way I like then!  The plot moves along quickly with the expected cliffhanger ending as the first in a series.  I would recommend this to horror and vampire fans.


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