Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

Oliver’s fans will not be let down in this fast-paced sequel to her best selling dystopian novel Delirium.  The book opens as Lena is lost in the Wilds, the wilderness outside the dystopian community where she was raised, where all eighteen-year-olds are surgically “cured” of their emotions.  With Alex’s help, Lena has avoided the cure, but now she is alone in the woods and must assume that her love Alex has been killed in their escape.  The story is told in the present time and in flashbacks (Now and Then), allowing readers to see how Lena came to be back in the walled community, attending a girls high school in Brooklyn, New York under an assumed name.  She is helping the Resistance disrupt the government, but is given specific information only as she needs to know it.

Although the books starts off slowly, it soon gains speed as Lena is kidnapped along with the son of the leader of Deliria-Free America, the leading organization pushing for “curing” young people even before they turn 18.  Readers will be swept along as Lena and Julian are held captive and slowly begin to know each other.  I found it hard to leave this book alone once I became engrossed.  Readers who will enjoy this include SciFi and dystopian fans, and naturally readers of the gripping Delirium.

Here is a video interview with the author about writing the sequel.

Click here for our review!


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