The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

Sometimes it’s fun to read a book that just makes you feel good!  This is a book like that, and it’s also a very quick read since it’s just over 200 pages.  (I read it in less than one day.)  The story takes place in less than 48 hours, and begins when seventeen-year-old Hadley misses the plane from JKF airport to London to be in her father’s wedding.  After three years, she still hasn’t forgiven him for leaving his wife, her mom, so she’s more upset about being claustrophobic and stuck in the airport for three hours than possibly missing his wedding to the woman she has refused to meet thus far.  All that changes when she meets Oliver, a handsome, smart and funny British young man who’s a freshman at Princeton University in nearby New Jersey.  As it turns out, he’s in seat 18C and she’s in 18A, and he manages to finesse his way into the seat next to her.  The two spend the overnight flight chatting and joking, the way two people can when they meet and hit it off immediately.  In a flash, she loses sight of him at the airport, and doubts if she’ll ever see him again, since they didn’t even think to exchange cell numbers before hitting the long customs lines.

Will fate intervene while they’re in London, or will Hadley just have to suffer through being a brides maid in a crushed lavender dress at a wedding she never wanted to attend in the first place?  This book has lots of twists and turns, and will leave its readers happily satisfied.  I can highly recommend it as light reading to all teens.

Here’s a cute book trailer:


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