Enclave by Ann Aguirre

Enclave by Ann Aguirre

This fast-paced science fiction novel is a great choice for a reader who needs to connect quickly with a story.  Deuce lives in a post-apocalyptic America that readers learn has been destroyed by some type of plague or war.  She lives underground with her people in an “enclave” they guard carefully against the ignorant (so far at least) marauding Freaks, who are like mindless fast-moving zombies who survive on human flesh, each others’ if that’s all that’s available.  For her community, every day is a struggle to survive, and children aren’t even named until they become 15 years old, since many don’t survive that long.  Her people are trained to become part of a particular group, Breeders, Builders or Hunters like Deuce.  She is proud at her Naming Ceremony when she is given the six scars on her arms that will forever identify her as a Hunter; she has worked hard for the honor and is eager to be an adult finally.  When the head Hunter assigns her to partner with the moody Fade, she doesn’t realize at first how this one simple decision will change her life forever.

I really enjoyed this book.  I liked that concept of how people would survive a worldwide disaster, and the different ways they choose to intereact with each other when their survival is a daily challenge.  I think readers will enjoy the action sequences, which are many due to the fact that Deuce and Fade are constantly battling just to survive each day.  I recommend this to science fiction fans, readers who liked Hunger Games , Incareron or Unwind, and anyone looking for a quick, engaging read.

Here’s a book trailer:


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