Pavement Chalk Artist by Julian Beaver

Pavement Chalk Artist by Julian Beaver

We bought this book last year and it is becoming one of our favorite lunchtime browsing titles.  Beaver creates what are called 3D Pavement Art, in which the drawing seem to jump out at the viewer.  He calls them anamorphic art, which he defines as “something that is drawn or exists in a distortion, and can only be resolved and seen in its rightful shape when viewed from a particular angle or through some counter-distorting mechanism such as a lens.”  Here are a couple examples of his work from a fellow artist’s website. (


On a related note, we have our own Chalk Artist here at Berkeley High named Ruby Spring.  Ruby is an amazing artist and recently went to the Cal campus with a few boxes of regular sidewalk chalk to “illuminate” the campus.  Before she knew it, other people had joined in, creating truly cool group pieces!

Here are some pictures from Ruby’s Tumblr page.


Before                                                                                                      The creative process


The Amazing Results


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