Blood Red Road by Moira Young

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

This is one of those books where you’re going to totally love the main character, like Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games.  And don’t let its 400+ pages put you off–I stayed up until almost dawn finishing the last 200 pages I was so engrossed.  Saba has spent her entire seventeen years is the desolate town of Silverlake, seeing only her family with a very occasional traveler stopping by.  Her twin brother Lugh (which I pronounce Lou!) is her best friend, and with his golden good looks and upbeat personality, he is the counterpoint to her gloomy, cranky, dark self.  When he is kidnapped by four ominous horsemen who kill their father in the process, Saba and her pain-in-the-neck nine-year-old sister Emmi set off to find and rescue him.

What the sisters find outside Silverlake is a lawless, cruel world in which they are tricked and kidnapped themselves by slavers, Saba being forced to be a cagefighter in the filthy, outlaw community ironically named Hopetown.  Throughout the story, Saba comes to learn that she is not always the weak follower she thought she was with Lugh around.  She becomes the undefeated Angel of Death in the cage fighting colosseum, and eventually joins up with a revolutionary group of young women called the Free Hawks to try to break out of slavery and rescue her brother.

This action-packed story moves quickly from one incident to the next.  It is told in the first person perspective through Saba’s eyes, using an uneducated dialect that took me awhile to get used to.

“Every time they take me to the Cage, I let the red hot take over an it fights till it wins.  If it’s the third time unlucky fer the girl that’s jest bin beat, I turn my back so’s I don’t hafta see her run the gauntlet.  I cain’t help hearin, though.  The bayin of the chaal-crazy crowd, like a pack closin in on their kill”

If you are a fan of fast-paced action stories, a science fiction fan, or just someone looking for the next hot book, I can promise that this title will not disappoint you!  It is the first in the Dustlands Trilogy, so there will be lots more to look forward to, too!  The second book, Rebel Heart, just came and we should be getting that in soon.

Here’s a video you can watch from home:


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