Every Day by David Levithan

Every Day by David Levithan

This latest book by Levithan will not disappoint fans and may win him some new ones.  It’s the story of “A,” who wakes up in a different person’s body every morning, always for just one day.  It’s always someone his own age, and his life has always been this way, as long as A can remember.  The major drama of the book occurs when he falls in love with Rhiannon, the girlfriend of a rather mean-spirited boy named Justin.  They spend a romantic afternoon at the beach, and suddenly A’s life no longer makes sense.   He can no longer follow the rules he has set out for himself.  A and Rhiannon will spend the rest of the book trying to make sense of they’re relationship, when he looks like a different person each day and strives to locate her and meet for coffee or at a local park.

What I especially appreciated about his book was Levithan’s exploration of relationships.  He  looks at this through A having to fit into a different person’s life every day, showing in detail how he responds to that person’s family and friends and vice versa.  Through A’s eyes, readers also think about how appearance do and don’t matter, and how we judge others based sometimes on simply their clothes or hair or cliques.  I would recommend this to fans of Levithan’s other books as his is an amazing poetic writer.  I think teens also looking for something deeper than the latest popular title would appreciate Every Day, too.



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