Son by Lois Lowry

Son by Lois Lowry

The fourth book in Lowry’s Giver quartet, this title will close the chapter on the writer’s dystopian stories.  Started with the still-popular title The Giver,  this concludes the story that  began with Jonah almost twenty years ago.  The book is told in three parts: Before, Between and Beyond, and focuses on Claire, a “birthmother”  who lived in Jonah’s village, just a couple years older than him.  She gives birth to Gabe, who is the baby the twelve-year-old Jonah runs away with in The Giver.  After a complicated birth, she is sent to work in the (fish)  Hatchery, but can’t let go of the feelings that she continues to feel for her birth son.  The book describes her complicated quest to find her son again.

Readers of the first three books will likely be satisfied with this conclusion.  It ties up many loose ends from the books and includes Kira from Gathering Blue.  Although the middle is a little slow, I think Lowry’s devoted fans will be more than happy with this last title in the Giver series.  I recommend it to fans of the series, and would encourage a quick reread of the first two titles for maximum enjoyment of this book.



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