Extras by Scott Westerfeld


Extras  by Scott Westerfeld  (Uglies #4)

Fourth in the Uglies series, 15 year old narrator Aya tells of her quest to raise her online ranking, be popular and gain fame. While hanging out with a shadowy group known as the Sly Girls, Aya hopes to “kick” her adventures with them to achieve her fame goals, even though the Sly Girls diligently avoid gaining fame. Building on the society and characters he developed in the first three books in the series, Westerfeld brings in characters and events from those to track what is happening in the world since the third book. The excitement snowballs as Aya, her brother and friends get involved in much more complicated and mysterious goings-on than they realize.

Even though this is a hybrid fantasy/science fiction genre, Westerfeld gives enough clues so that the reader can understand both the world he created and the words and concepts the characters use in their lives.  I especially liked the way the author brought the series back to some of the original characters from the first book. Anyone who likes an exciting and inventive premise will be glad to read all four of the books.

Reviewed by Ms. Goldstein-Erickson

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