Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

This quick-as-lightening, captivating book will please students looking for a strong dystopia, a strong protagonist with attitude, or simply looking to escape from the hum drum of everyday life.  Sixteen-year-old Cinder is an amazing mechanic, but harbors the secret that she is part cyborg (some of her body is manufactured) and is deathly afraid of anyone outside her family finding out.  She lives the the crowded city of New Beijing with her greedy, miserable step-mother, who sees her as an unwanted burden foisted on her by her late husband.  There are also two sisters: Peony who is sweet and kind and adores Cinder, and Pearl who is just like her mother.  A plague is ravishing the planet for which there is no known cure, and the Lunar Queen Lavana keeps threatening all out war.  When Prince Kai stops by Cinder’s booth at the outdoor market hoping to get his android tutor fixed, she’s taken aback, partly because she had been in the process of attaching a new metallic foot to her leg and partly because the prince is every young woman’s dream man, even Cinder’s if she admitted it to herself.  Before she knows it, Cinder’s fate is intertwined with Prince Kai and the future of earth.  She is torn between her feelings for him, her need for her own personal freedom and her loyalty for New Beijing and her planet.

I highly urge all young adults to read this book.  It has a little of everything: adventure, intrigue, romance and action.  Cinder’s story will continue in at least four more titles, and readers will hardly be able to wait!


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