For Your Viewing Pleasure

I’ve promised myself to reads lots of books and try to catch up on movies over this holiday break.  Yesterday we saw Perks of Being a Wallflower, and loved it; my husband even really liked it.


Here’s what else is on my viewing list:


This is getting great reviews and the actors look pretty amazing.


I vaguely remember reading this in French in high school, and never saw the play.  It never makes sense to me when such a sad story becomes a musical.  Just my sensibilities, I guess.  Daughter and friends saw it during a midnight show in NYC, and I looking forward to it after Husband returns to the daily grind of work later this week.


I never read the book, so maybe this will spur me on to do that.  After all, I never have enough titles on my to-be-read list.  =(


This is another one I’ll need to see without Husband as he refuses.  It looks romantic to me and I’ve always wanted to read one of those Russian tomes.

Feel free to comments with the movies you want to see!


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