Crewel by Gennifer Albin


Crewel by Gennifer Albin

In an alternative world named Aras, reality is created by the Spinsters  who literally weave together the world, society and its people.  Sixteen-year-old Adelice Lewis has always “seen” more than other children, but her parents have carefully trained her to be clumsy and careless in front of others.  They are afraid that if she is chosen to be a Spinster, they will never see her again and her entire life will be controlled by the omnipotent Guild.  When she slips up and accidentally shows her skills at the annual testing, the Guild discovers the secret Adelice and her parents have been hiding.  Now she is doomed to a life of luxury, but also a life where she must devote herself to weaving the minute details of everyone’s life–where they live, what their career will be and how many children they will be allowed.  When she discovers that the Western Coventry, where the spinsters for her area live, is corrupt, she begins to rely on two of the guards and her spinning mentors to help her decide how to proceed.

This debut novel is full of political intrigue, with lots of plot twists thrown in.  Readers ill become quickly immersed in Adelice’s dilemas as she begins to discover the truth about her society. I think dystopia fans will embrace this title, and will be eagerly waiting for the second in the series.  While somewhat reminiscent of the Hunger Games books, this book is certainly different enough to stand on its own merits.


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