Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

going postal

Going postal by Terry Pratchett


Moist von Lipwig, a congenital and habitual conman, has made an art of perpetrating frauds. He is about to be hanged, under the name of Alfred Spangler, for financial crimes. Set in the author’s Discworld city of Ankh-Morpork, Mr. von Lipwig is revived after his hanging and brought before Lord Vetinari, the city’s ruler. Given a choice of becoming the city’s postmaster general or stepping through a door at the back of the room, von Lipwig takes the job when he discovers the door opens into space, with a long fall behind it.  As he learns no one mails letters any more, and the post office is virtually abandoned, he takes on the challenge of getting the post office up and running and persuading people to mail letters. Moist uses his conman skills to get the post office going again, even as he tangles with powerful and dishonest people who want the mail service to fail. The plot has many twists and turns, as well as huge amounts of humor and imagination. I loved every minute of this book, and recommend it to all readers, no matter what particular genre of book they prefer!

Review by Ms. Goldstein-Erickson


One Response to “Going Postal by Terry Pratchett”

  1. Tracey L Says:

    I love Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels! My favorites are the ones that feature the City Watch, especially Carpe Jugulum and Thud, and also Monstrous Regiment. I love the hilarious way he handles social and political issues.

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