Spark by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Spark by Amy Kathleen Ryan

This second in the series picks up right where Glow left off.  Although Waverly and Kiernan are reunited, they are anything but “together” on the Empyrean.  Kiernan  has taken over leadership of the ship without any type of vote and is using the same sort religious dogma as Anne Mather had on their sister ship New Horizon.  It makes Waverly extremely uncomfortable, and she find herself siding with Seth, who has been thrown into the brig without any sort of trial or other due process.  The plot gests very complicated quickly, with prison escapes, sabateurs, explosions blowing holes in the ship.  Readers will have to pay close attention because the action in this book is nonstop and you don’t want to lose track.

Ryan changes things up this time by having three distinct narrators instead of just two like in Glow.  Seth’s voice is added in  with Waverly and Kiernan, giving a new perspective and adding another love interest for Waverly.  I think readers will enjoy this title, maybe even more than Glow, but readers trying to start with Spark and skip the first book may have trouble figuring out the who’s and what’s of the plot.


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