The Fox Inheritance by Mary E. Pearson

The Fox Inheritance by Mary E. Pearson

In this sequel to The Adoration of Jenna Fox, readers learn that the two friends who were in the car accident with Jenna were not killed after all.  Their minds have been put into long-term storage, and have been placed into new, perfect bodies by a money-hungry scientist hoping to profit off them.  It’s 260 years later, and Kara and Locke have been sequestered at the scientist’s mansion, being slowly taught about the world as it is today.  The book gets exciting when they escape, determined to find Jenna. each for thier own reasons.  Kara wants revenge for what she sees as Jenna’s abandonment of them, and Locke simply misses their best friend, on who he may also have a slight crush.

Although I didn’t adore this title as much as I did the first one, it is a worthy sequel.  I read it in one sitting on a long plane ride, and wasn’t distracted from the plot at all.  I recommend it to fans of Jenna Fox, science fiction fans and readers of speculative fiction about cloning and genetic manipulation.



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