Adaptation by Malinda Lo

Adaptation  by Malinda Lo

Birds are acting bizarre and causing airplanes to crash all over North America.  Reese, her debate partner and their coach are in Arizona trying to catch their plane back to San Francisco when all air traffic is grounded.  In their attempt to get back home in a rental car, Reese and David have a horrific car accident, waking up one month later in some type of secret government hospital in the middle of the desert.  When she is brought a magazine, Reese finds out that thousands of people died in the plane crashes and the world seems like it’s gone on tilt.  Somehow her and David have been miraculously healed, but she feels different somehow.  Once they are taken back to San Francisco, life is even stranger, with a curfew having been imposed, the president saying everything is OK even though it doesn’t look like it, and secrective clean-up crews in hazmat suits shoveling dead birds into garbage bags.  Reese can’t even remember seeing a pigieon since she’s been home.

This book will not let you set it down!  I found it to be absolutely riveting and finished it in just a couple days.  Lo’s plot is heavy on conspiracy theories, but she makes her characters feel smart, realistic and cautious.  The plots jumps quickly from one predicament to the next, each one moving Reese and David closer to the truth.  Sadly, for me at least, the book ends on a cliff-hanger, and will leave readers anxious for the next installment.

Follow this LINK to Malinda Lo’s website where you can see the official video book trailer.

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