Amped by Daniel H. Wilson


Amped by Daniel H. Wilson

Owen Gray, a 29-year-old school teacher, was implanted with a medical computer chip as a child that controls his epilepsy.  The book begins with a Supreme Court decision stating that “implanted citizens are not a protected class.”  In other words, because people with implants might have a unfair mental advantage over other people, they are not considered human and don’t have the rights most of us expect as citizens.  Over half a million U.S. citizens were made into criminals overnight–students barred from schools and adults wondering if they still have jobs.  Owen learns from his father, a neurosurgeon who put in his son’s implant, that his chip has a “little something extra” in it; right before an explosion kills his father while destroying his laboratory.  Owen takes off and ends up in an Oklahoma trailer park with other Amps, who are formulating a rebellion led by Lyle Crosby, an Amp whose an former military special ops agent.

The book is very action-oriented and fans of Robopocalypse will see many of the same themes.  Author Wilson again explores prejudice and discrimination, technology vs. humanity and violence against humanity.  I highly recommend this title to readers looking for an engaging action story and science fiction fans.


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