The Twelve by Justin Cronin

The Twelve by Justin Cronin

In this long-awaited follow-up, author Cronin continues his 2010 epic novel about evil vampires trying to take over the world.  What’s different this time is that they seem to have some human help in their quest to dominate humanity.  Readers will once again follow the exploits of their favorite characters from the first installment: Amy, the girl from nowhere who seems to be a key to beating back the virals, Peter Jaxon from the Colony who’s become an Expeditionary soldier committed to hunting and killing the virals, and Alicia, the kick-butt fighter who knows Peter from their days in the colony.  New characters also appear to maneuver through the blood and chaos of the new world order.  Readers will be enthralled with Lisa, a pregnant doctor who’s been traumatized by virals in a Emergency Room attack, Kittridge who’s been dubbed “Last Stand in Denver” for his determination to take out as many virals as he can from the penthouse apartment he’s barricaded himself into and Horace Guilder, a veteran of the original experiment in Colorado who sees the virals as a way to save himself from the deadly disease which is quickly taking his life.

I liked this book almost as much as The Passage and know fans will be thrilled with this title.  The action is relentless, moving from character to character, and readers get a first-hand view of the pockets of resistance throughout what’s left of the United States.  I highly recommend this to fans of the first book, Stephen King fans, and readers who love horror and scary vampires.

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