Black Boy White School by Brian F. Walker

black boy white school

Black Boy White School by Brian F. Walker

Fourteen-year-old Ant (Anthony) Jones is slated to attend the fancy Belton prep school in Maine for the next school.  Ignore the facts that he’s never been out of his bleak East Cleveland neighborhood, or is a regular in the after school detention, or hardly finishes his homework and has never made the Honor Roll.  When the school came recruiting students, Ant made the mistake of filling out an application, now he’s going, even if his mom has to tie him into the car to get him there.  As readers can tell from the title, Ant is one of the few African-American students at the school where students and faculty alike have stereotypical expectations of the freshman, even ignoring his longtime nickname and calling him Tony, a name he’s never used.

This book is a totally interesting read.  As Ant struggles with everyone’s expectations, the writer takes a careful look at racism, violence, personal identity, and growing up.  I expected this book to be cliched, and was happily surprised to find it fresh and realistic.  I recommend this to any reader looking for an engaging and realistic story about high school.


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