Clean by Amy Reed

Clean by Amy Reed

This book will be a must-read for Ellen Hopkins fans.  It tells the gritty story of five teenaged addicts in a drug treatment center outside of Seattle.  Each teen narrates the story in turn.  Their histories and drug use vary widely, but they have all hit rock bottom and their families see the rehab center as their last chance.

Kelly is the pretty party girl who never says no to another drink.

Olivia is the perfectionist who has developed an eating disorder and diet pill addiction.

Eva’s depression over her mom’s death has led her to marijuana and other drug abuse.

Jason is the hostile alcoholic who is angry at the world.

Christopher is the home schooled, evangelical Christian who has become a meth addict with the help of his neighbor.

Readers will be sucked into these teens’ worlds as they tell their own stories and try to get straight.  Reed doesn’t shy away from hard subjects like rape, homosexuality and neglectful and abuse parents.  My heart was breaking as I lived through these young people’s pasts with them.

I recommend this title to readers looking for something realistic, Ellen Hopkins fans, and fans of Amy Reed’s first book Beautiful.



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