Between by Jessica Warman

Between by Jessica Warman

In the early morning of her eighteenth birthday, the beautiful and popular Liz Valchar wakes up to something bumping against the side of her family’s yacht, where she and her friends had been celebrating since the night before.  She tries to wake someone up to go outside in the cold Connecticut chill with her, but has no luck.   Finally she ventures out of the cabin, and around the side of the boat to release the fish she’s sure is trapped between the boat and the dock in the freezing water.

“Wet.  It’s the first word to come to mind before I scream.  Soaked.  Waterlogged.  Facedown.  Oh, s#*#*t! …The girl in the water is me.”

So begins Liz’s journey.  She IS dead, but has no recollection of how she ended up that way.  Everyone – her friends, boyfriend Richie and family – are assuming it was an accident, but that just doesn’t ring completely true to her.  She is joined by Alex Berg, an unpopular boy from her high school who had been killed in a hit and run on his bike the year before, who is evidently also stuck “between” life and death like her.  Unfortunately, he hates her for the abuse she and her friends heaped on him and the other unpopular kids at the high school.  Despite this, together they explore her memories, trying to piece together the last year of her life.

I found this book excellent.  I was engaged by the mystery of what happened to Liz right away.  The author revealed the clues bit by bit as Liz remembered different parts of her life, in addition to showing how she became an anorexic snob, disliked by even some of her closest friends.  I recommend this to all types of readers, especially those looking for a good mystery.


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