Rivals by Daisy Whitney

Rivals by Daisy Whitney

This title is the sequel to last year’s Mockingbirds, which gripping described how Alex Patrick went to a secret club at her posh boarding school to help her avenge a sexual assault by another student when school officials only looked the other way.  This year Alex is the  head of the Mockingbirds, and someone has brought them a case that’s completely out of left field.  Someone is selling the ADHD prescription-medication Anderin to help students cheat by having an unfair advantage over the rest of the high-achieving student body.  As Alex and her friends try to follow the clues, she begins doubting her friends, her boyfriend and even her own judgement.

This enjoyable mystery will capture readers with its twists, turns and red herrings (misleading clues).  While not as gripping as its predecessor, I liked it and think fans of the first title will enjoy Alex’s development.  I recommend this book to fans of Whitney’s first title and readers looking for an intriguing mystery about high school students.


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