Flip by Marty Bedford

Flip by Marty Bedford

Alex wakes up one cold December morning to a bedroom he doesn’t recognize, a family who he doesn’t know, and, worst of all, a face that just isn’t his!  Somehow, his mind has been transplanted into the body of Philip (or Flip to his friends) who’s a handsome, popular preppie jock who is stringing along two girlfriends at the same time.  Readers will engage with Alex as he struggles to find out what has happened to him and how six months have passed since his last memory of himself in bed at his own house in south London.  The book is full of twists as Alex discovers small fragments that begin to add up in helping him make sense of who he really is and what the heck has happened to him.  His need to get back to his own life is contagious.

I enjoyed this book because the character of Alex was very easy to identify with.  The writer tells the story from his perspective and readers are able to know his thoughts and emotions and they come tumbling in.  The book also explores the larger concepts of self-identity, life and death and the role that experiences and memories play in shaping our personalities.  I would recommend to to all teen readers, and since it’s so fast-paced, it would be ideal for anyone looking for a quick read.

Here’s a book trailer you can watch from home:


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