Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral



Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral

This intriguing book will either grasp readers interest immediately, or simply leave them cold.  The way the writer and artist told the story was so unusual that it caught my attention right away.  It is a book told completely in images: photographs, emails, texts, drawings and more.  It tells the complicated story of Glory, a piano prodigy who is being raised by her father.  His goal is for her to become a world-famous pianist, selling out concert halls around the world.  Glory, however, is retreating into herself, and is fascinated by the new next door neighbor, an Argentinian boy named Frank.  As thier relationship grows,  Glory succumbs more and more to her madness.  Eventually all she is able to play on the piano is “Chopsticks.”  The reader is often left wondering what is real and what is just part of Glory’s mental meanderings.

I liked this book but found it challenging.  I was expecting a quick read since there is not actual text, but found myself spending time trying to figure out what going on from the clues on the pages.  I guess for me it was like a puzzle, although definitely an enjoyable one.  I would recommend this to readers looking for something unusual and those who like graphic novels.   “Reading Chopsticks is like watching people kiss in the street: it’s private, it’s beautiful, it’s lonely, it’s wild, it’s secret, it’s everywhere and you can’t look away.” –Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket)


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