Smells Like Dog by Suzanne Selfors

smells like dog

Smells Like Dog by Suzanne Selfors

Although he lives with his family on their goat farm in the country, Homer Pudding dreams of being a treasure hunter like his Uncle Drake.  Following a newspaper report that his uncle was eaten by a carnivorous tortoise, a lawyer comes with his uncle’s shoes, all that’s left. The lawyer also delivers his uncle’s “most treasured possession,” a sad-looking beagle. Even though he’s devastated, Homer sneaks off to the City to investigate his uncle’s mysterious death and attend a VIP party to which he’s been invited.. Homer’s older sister Gwen, whose life ambition is to be a taxidermist, comes along to go to the museum while Homer starts with the lawyers. Their adventures come fast and furious; a homeless girl selling soup befriends Homer and he is followed by a strange man who seems to float overhead in a cloud.

Even though this book doesn’t start out like a fantasy or science fiction, many of the events are certainly highly improbable. I’m sure the author enjoyed herself as she developed the bizarre characters and worked out the plot. The book looks long, but it’s a fast read. Great fun!

Review by Mrs. Goldstein-Erickson


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