Thud by Terry Pratchett


Thud!  by Terry Pratchett

Sam Vines, Commander of the Watch for the city of Ankh-Morpork, is trying to head off trouble between the dwarfs and trolls in the city as the anniversary of Koom Valley approaches. Although the event occurred hundreds of years in the past, dwarfs and trolls still have raw feelings about it. When a rabblerouser dwarf leader is found murdered with a troll club nearby, hostilities between the two groups are ready to boil. Even officers in the Watch from both groups almost come to blows, while werewolf and vampire female officers try to investigate the murder while overcoming their natural animosity. The author puts in many of his typical plot complications and fascinating characters, along with much humor and many plot surprises. I loved every minute of this book and remain in awe of Terry Pratchett’s astonishing ability to invent such a believable world.

Review by Ms. Goldstein- Erickson

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