Don’t Let Me Go by J. H. Trumble

Don’t Let Me Go by J. H. Trumble

While not a perfect book, this title is a wonderful example of how gay romances go through the same types of ups and downs as the YA romances usually pushed by publishers.  The book is the story of Nate and Adam, who fall madly and passionately in love during Nate’s junior year of high school.  In addition to the usual ups and downs of teenage relationships, these boys have the added challenges of  “coming out” to Nate’s parents and a horrific gay bashing incident that is revealed slowly throughout the course of the story.  The narrative jumps in time from the present, where Nate is a senior and Adam is working off-off Broadway in New York City, to the year before when they first met, and even some events that fall in between these two time periods.  As a reader, this was a little confusing for me, but got easier to follow as I read through the story.

Although this is Trumble’s debut novel, the writer did a great job developing her two main characters.  Nate was smart, funny and insecure, while the older Adam was charming, caring and empathetic.  The story moved along quickly, but as I said earlier, could do with some better transitions to alert readers to changes in time.  I would highly recommend this book to all teen readers, especially those looking for strong characterizations or LBGT topics.


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