Rebel Heart by Moira Young

rebel heart

Rebel Heart by Moira Young (Dust Lands #2)

Finally readers get to see what happens to Saba and her friends and family after they defeated the Tonton at the end of Blood Red Road.  Alhtough they are traveling without Saba’s beloved Jack, he has promised to meet them out West, near what readers presume is the Pacific Ocean.  Still, she can’t quiet the ghosts that are haunting her–the people she killed at the last great battle, and those she defeated as the cage fighter who became infamous as the Angel of Death.  In addition, they find that the new Tonton leader DeMalo has put a bounty on Saba’s head, so they must travel as stealthily as possible across the waste lands.  Despite his rescue, Saba’s twin brother Lugh has gone through some unnamed ordeals with the Tonton, and he is obviously emotionally unstable as he tries to assume the leadership of the family and their band of travelers.  Although Saba thought her life would quiet down once she found her brother, the reality is anything but peaceful.

Readers will appreciate where Young takes them in this second installment of the series.  There are fascinating new characters,along with some old friends.  Saba makes some decisions that will shock readers, but it proves that she’s only human like the rest of us.  I recommend this to dystopian fans, and readers looking for a fast-moving adventure.

blood red


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