Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

coldest girl in coldtown

Our first student book review of the year!!!

Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black, at first seems science fiction, with the ‘Cold’ Virus and all that makes one a vampire and such. But if one continues to read this lovely, dark story, they might find that this book is so much more than just a virus.

Tana is a regular, ordinary party-girl who spends her time at parties and losing herself amongst people and avoiding her ex-boyfriend, Aiden. In the last party, Tana finds herself in a bathtub in the bathroom, and when she comes out, she finds herself surrounded by corpses of the kids from the party. She also finds her ex-boyfriend infected with ‘Cold’, and another person along with Aiden, chained to the room. She can’t free them without knowing the fact that these two are not human. So the three of them have to go to the place Tana would expect the least to go to — Coldtown. Coldtown is a place where one gets in and never gets out — its the main place where vampires live freely, where the infected go to and live, either choosing to remain a human after eighty eight days or turning into a vampire.

The setting is set in an almost unknown future, the characters are well-thought of and their personalities are just perfect for a story like this.
There’s a kind of originality of vampirism, but it still takes the same main theme — vampires are vampires. This book seems to explore the meaning of ‘monster’ — be it a real one or the one inside of a human’s heart — through Holly Black’s characters.
This is a really good read for fantasy paranormal lovers, horror lovers and the fans of Holly Black.
Reviewed by an anonymous 10th Grader

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