What I See by Gloria Whelan

what i see

What I See by Gloria Whelan

Kate Tapert, whose father is famous painter Dalton Quinn, lives with her mother in a trailer in northern Michigan. Both use her mother’s maiden name since her parents’ bitter divorce when she was very young. A talented painter herself, Kate has been accepted at an art school in Detroit, complete with a scholarship. Having read a newspaper story that her father moved back to Detroit from New York City and is living as a recluse, Kate wrote asking to live with him while she’s at school, including an offer to cook and clean. He never answered but Kate leads her mother to believe he agreed to the arrangement. Even though she’s not sure what to expect, she takes a taxi to her father’s house and knocks on the door. What happens next determines crucial decisions for both Kate and her father about their futures, both as individuals and father and father and daughter.

Form the first page of this book I became completely enthralled with the character of Kate Tapert and her life. She tells her story as if she’s speaking directly to the reader; I wanted to know everything that happened to her. Like Gloria Whelan’s other books I’ve read, Homeless Bird and The Disappeared, I thought the characters, plot and writing were exceptional! Anyone who enjoys realistic fiction will love this book.

Review by Ms. Goldstein-Erickson

homeless          disappeared


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