Stick by Andrew Smith


Stick by Andrew Smith

Ever since I read Marbury Lens, I have been a huge Andrew Smith fan.  I loved that book for its intricate plot and realistic  characterizations, and was not disappointed in Stick.  Simply put, it’s the story of two brothers trying to make their way in a pretty hostile environment.  Thirteen-year-old Stark (called Stick because he’s lean and tall) has always been bullied because he was born with only one ear, a deformity in his mind.  Luckily, his big  brother Boston has always been around to defend him.  Their parents go beyond abusive; they are truly sadistic to the point of imprisoning the boys in a solitary confinement room for days at a time.  Despite this, the brothers struggle to survive despite many roadblocks.

What I liked best about this book were the two main characters, Stick and Boston.  Author Smith writes in such a way that the readers will be pulled into their world, as harsh as it is sometimes.  We root for them to find some type of happiness.  There is a lot of darkness here, especially after Boston runs away and has to get by on his own.  Despite this, I found myself unable to tear myself away from this title.  I recommend this for readers who enjoy “realistic” novels like those of Ellen Hopkins, and readers who like reading about young male protagonists.

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