Mrs. Dalloway’s Bookstore Fundraiser

Just wanted to remind everyone that one of our favorite local, indie bookstores is holding a fundraiser on the weekend of Nov. 22-26.  If you buy ANYTHING there during that time and turn the receipt into Lisa Sibony in the main office by December 5, and the amazing Mrs. Dalloway’s will donate 20% of the  sales to Berkeley High.  How awesome are they???  Here’s their flier:

school house

3 Days! Fourth Annual School Benefit Fundraiser

Once again, Mrs. Dalloway’s will donate 20% of sales to our designated partnership schools!

Friday, November 22, 10:00am – Sunday, November 24, 6:00pm

We will donate back 20% of sales made by your school community. Please encourage your friends, families, neighbors to shop for YOUR school during that 3-day weekend. Remember, everything in the store applies to the fundraiser:  kids books, adult books, cookbooks, gardening books, merchandise, art, and gift certificates.  Everything!

Online and telephone purchases also qualify–all we need is a receipt dated November 22-24.


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