Game by Barry Lyga


Game by Barry Lyga

This very anticipated sequel to last year’s I Hunt Killers is like a piece of birthday cake for fans of the first book.  It begins where the last book left off, but Lyga thinks kindly of his readers and weaves in some reminders of what happened previously.  In this book Jazz’s dad has escaped from prison and may be on the hunt again.  A New York City Detective asks the teen for help solving a similar type serial killing, and Jazz ends up in the middle of the insanity again, this time away from the small town of Lobo’s Nod.  New York City is something else for the small town kid, and even the cops are scared of the Hat-Dog killer with his gruesome disembowelments and signature cuttings on the victims.

I can’t say enough to recommend this to all teen readers.  The two books should be read in order, but since you won’t be able to put them down, it shouldn’t take long.  This are perfect for fans of mystery, suspense and true crime.

i hunt killers


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