Hysteria by Megan Miranda


Hysteria by Megan Miranda

This atmospheric murder mystery may be a good choice for readers interested in suspense.   Readers learn immediately that Mallory killed her boyfriend Brian, but it was ruled a justifiable homicide since he had broken into the house.  Sadly, Mallory has no recollection of what happened but is emotionally traumatized.  The boy’s mother is stalking her with the townspeople not far behind in their mistrust.  Despite her protests, her parents decide that the best course is to send Mallory to Monroe Prep, her father’s old boarding school, to start fresh.  But Mallory still feels Brian’s presence in her dreams every night in her room, watching her.  And she could swear she kept spotting his mother’s car near campus.  In addition to her emotional distress, things don’t begin well at the new school.  The dean’s son Jason has taken an immediate dislike for her, and seems determined to make her life hell.  When a dead body is found in her own dorm room, Mallory’s world becomes increasing unstable.

I would say this is a decent mystery book that certainly kept my attention to the end.  Parts of it were annoying in that the author felt like she was switching directions a couple times for no good reason.  Despite this, I would recommend this to readers looking for a mystery involving teens, or someone who enjoys titles set at boarding schools.


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