Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

dark triumph

Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

Fevers takes a turn with this sequel to last year’s His Fair Assassin and tells the story from Sybella’s perspective.  She is also one of the assassins trained at the St. Mortain convent with Ismae, but she couldn’t be more different from her friend.  She is one of Mortain’s most ferocious assassins, having killed three men before she even went to the convent for training.  Now she’s being sent back to the the evil D’Albret’s palace to spy on behalf of the convent, and try to help keep the Duchess of Brittany safe from harm from both the French and her own countrymen.

While this book is a natural extension of Grave Mercy told from a new point of view, it becomes much darker as Sybella is not the innocent young girl that Ismae was.  She struggles with her inner murderous urges, barely able to contain herself when a victim is not “marked” for death by her dark lord.  LaFever outdoes herself by the liberal use of court intrigue, bloody battle scenes and an unusual love interest for our heroine.  I can’t recommend this enough to fans of the first book, fans of paranormal romance, and readers looking for an adventure with nonstop action.

grave mercy


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