Where She Went by Gayle Forman

where she went

Where She Went by Gayle Forman

This book continues the story of Mia and Adam as begun in 2011’s If I Stay, only this time it’s rocker Adams turn to narrate.  He has become a rock star, but feels empty and alienated from his band and his life.  It’s been three years since the accident where Mia’s entire family was killed (If I Stay), and she has gone on to Julliard to continue her piano studies. Adam’s moved from Oregon and lives in a spacious home in Los Angeles with his model girlfriend, who he’s not even sure he likes.  In a complete coincidence, while on his way to his European Tour, Adam sees a sign for a performance by Mia and stops in.  When an usher asks him to come backstage after the performance, he has no clue what she could want since she dumped him shortly after moving to New York City.

And…the story goes on from there.  I really liked that this told a love story from a young man’s perspective, unusual in all fiction, not just YA.  Shout out to Forman for not taking the easy road, but making the characters and story realistic, with flaws and roadblocks.  I highly recommend this to Forman’s fans and readers looking for a different sort of romance.

if i stay           just one day


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