Library Party Throw-Down

Our party on Wednesday was absolutely awesome.  We had about 150 students show up and ran completely out of food except for a few lonely pieces of celery and broccoli!  We could have had lots more food and made even more kids happy, and need to remember that for next time.  Here are some photos Ms. Goldstein-Erickson took.

photo (6)

This was the three of us preparing for the party.  Sorry that no one saw the gorgeous cake, but we are soooo glad we cut it up ahead of time.


Ready for your close-up?  Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse filling and chocolate frosting.  Does it get any better?

photo (9)

Presents and Cake???  You are our favorite librarians in the whole world!

photo (8)

Some of our favorites chowing down before opening their gifts.

photo (7)

Do you think they’ll notice if we eat cookies while we’re on the computer?

photo (12)

Who knew this many people would show up for a party in the Library?  Only at Berkeley High!

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One Response to “Library Party Throw-Down”

  1. Ann Nienow Bowen Says:

    Alex, it looks like your kids love you and your cohorts, and you’re a great inspiration. To anyone reading this, I’ve known Alex since we were freshman, scared little girls, in high school. We spent 4 years in French class being told to louvez-vous every morning to say the pledge of allegiance. Feel grateful that you have such an awesome teacher!!!

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