Prodigy by Marie Lu

Prodigy by Marie Lu

Marie Lu’s sequel to Legend picks up right where the first novel left off.  June and Day arrive in the military city of Las Vegas, only to realize joining the Patriot rebels against the Republic will have a huge price tag.  In order for them to try to save Day’s younger brother Eden, who’s been missing for years, he and June must assassinate Anden, the new Elector who is taking his father’s place after his seemingly sudden death.  This means June, who is now wanted by the Republic for her part in Day’s narrow escape, must return the the capitol in Los Angeles.  And, when she does, her choices don’t seem as clear cut as they did in Las Vegas.  She’s not sure Anden wants to be the autocrat his father was, but he could be just manipulating her to get to Day.  This book contains a lot more political intrigue than the first one, and I enjoyed that.  The relationship between June and Day is put on hold, as they are apart for most of the novel. \

I think readers who are fans of Legend will enjoy this sequel, even though it is not as gripping as the first one.  I would also recommend it to SciFi and dystopia fans.

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