All You Never Wanted by Adele Griffin

all you never wanted

All You Never Wanted by Adele Griffin

This story of sibling rivalry will grab readers immediately.  Older sister Alex seems to have the perfect life: hot boyfriend, brains, popularity and gorgeous.  Thea is the younger sister who will do anything to have her life: lie, cheat, steal her sister’s boyfriend, and even reveal Alex’s darkest secret.  It all comes to a head when their mother and their uber-rich stepdad go away for the weekend, leaving the girls on their own in their McMansion.  Thea deices to throw tge party of the year in order to cement her popularity.  The problem is that she has to get Alex to invite all her cool friends if it’s to succeed.  Reader will aks themselves how far Thea is willing to go to become her sister’s mini-me…

The book caught my attention immediately.  It’s told alternately from both sisters’  perspectives, so readers get insight on both of their inner lives.  For me, the ending was a little flat, but I would still recommend it to teen readers who like realistic drama and book with lots of family issues.



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