Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis

not a drop

Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis

This debut novel by Ohio author/YA librarian is an interesting take on the post-apocalypse genre.  In the future, forlorn world,  sixteen-year-old Lynn and her mother live in, the water shortage is so severe that they protect their pond against interlopers with a loaded shotgun.  Their entire existence is focussed on simply surviving and their lives are completely isolated, even from their closest neighbor, a handicapped man whose jagged footsteps they only see occasionally.  When Lynn’s mom is unexpected killed, her life changes forever, as she learns for the first time to allow others to get close to her and cooperates with them in order to survive.

This book is told in a simple, straight-forward style.  I liked this since it seemed to reflect the landscape around Lynn and even her emotional state.  The plot moves along briskly and keeps the readers’ attention.  I would recommend it to fans of dystopias and apocalyptic tales and science fiction fans.  There’s even a touch of romance thrown in that allows readers to see how an isolated young woman reacts to a man when everything she knows about love is from the novels she’s read.

Below are a video book trailer and an interview with the author about how she got the idea for the story.


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