The Curse Box by E. E. Richardson

curse box

The Curse Box by E. E. Richardson

Seventeen year old Tony is minding their magic store while his father is in France on business. The store does not sell magic tricks; its business is REAL magic! While Tony and their employee Jazz are occupied tending to a potion gone very wrong, a mysterious customer robs the store. Tony and Jazz find a glass case that has been smashed, but are not sure what was stolen. Tony is worried about how to ask his father what was in the case without telling him about the robbery.  Tony learns the missing item was a powerful curse box containing the ashes of a deadly snake. Trying to solve the crime puts him between the town’s two vampire gangs, who are ready to kill him and go to war with each other. Solving the crime is the only way to save himself, the store  and  the town.

I picked this book up out of curiosity and read it in one day. I liked the way Tony had to solve his problem himself, without help from his father or any other adults. You can find this title in the Emerging Readers section under the window sill in the Instructional Alcove.

Review by Ms. Goldstein-Erickson


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